Rubber-Band Banjos

Homeschoolers this morning had fun making musical instruments; simple bean shakers to more complex plucking instruments several inspired by the book Rubber-Band Banjos and a Java Jive Bass: Projects and Activities on the Science of Music and Sound I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!!

For story we read The Drum: A Folktale from India

Next week papier mache characters!

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Would you like to join the crew at CAM? We are looking for a Spanish speaker who would like to lead a group of preschoolers (3-6 yrs old) for a weekly session of stories, games, songs and crafts in Spanish. A casual and fun atmosphere to introduce the young children to Spanish. If you are interested please either call CAM or email me at

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Sew 1-2-3 – Pirate Purse and Star Bi-Fold Wallet

To prepare for our next class that meets Monday, January 29 4pm-5:30pm, I’ve put together 2 items.

The first is this darling Pirate Purse. Since February is Treasure Chest month at CAM, I thought a sweet Skull and Cross Flowers were in order. This is made from felt and completely hand sewn. I’ve created a small tutorial for this project if you’d like to try it on your own. If you have a chance to make it, be sure to bring it to the CAM by February 25, where all the pirate paraphernalia will be on display.

Sewing 123 star bi-fold wallet

This is a bi-fold wallet with a place for bills, cards and change. Click here to downlowd the pattern for the wallet, create your own applique and follow the tutorial I’ve created and make your own. If you have questions post them here!

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Sewing 1-2-3 doll pattern

Our first class started as counted cross stitch, and turned into doll making. Both included pattern making. Here, a drawing was made, then traced for a pattern.

Cutting the fabric for the doll

The pattern was then cut apart and the pieces used to cut different fabrics for different parts of the doll. We were unable to finish during class, but the doll was taken home to be worked on. Maybe next week we can post pictures of the finished doll!

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Hear that train going clickety-clack




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Snowy and Chinnok

Our current favorite book (which we shared with the homeschool coop last Wednesday) is Snowy & Chinnok the third book (our first) in a new series collaboratively produced by Robin Mitchell and Judith Steedman, I am ready to buy Windy (already ordered) and Sunny the first two. A simple story; Sisters Snowy and Chinook are planning a birthday party for their friend Tulip a buffalo on a cold winter morning and trying to find the perfect gift. A perfect mood setting music CD is a bonus. The art work is crafty and creative and very inspring for a child to play/make along. This book will be with us a long time I am sure……and Snowy and Chinnok will re-appear in our lives.

Read it on a snowy evening and wake up to snow, and a hot chocolate and pancake breakfast (recipes included)

Here is a photo of the suncatchers made by the homeschoolers

Sun Catchers

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February Vacation and Bake Sale Committee

CAM is planning a week full of fun activities and some virtual projects. Schedule will be posted on Monday after the Opening this weekend. Hope to see you all at the Opening.

Bake Sale Committee Needed:
Would you like to be on CAM’s bake sale committee? We hold monthly family concerts/dances and hope to have a bake sale each time to off set the costs. The members of the committe would be responsible to collecting baked goods from the community and perhaps asking local businesses to donate beverages and goodies. Please contact CAM if this is something you might be interested in helping us with. Thanks.

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A few fun links for you!

My friend Pat Chair (named by my daughter zoe) emailed me this great link today. She and I share the same book buying obsession! Here it is… Make your very own Moleskine-like-notebook Good Stuff. Pat is also known as Pat Rudolph and you should really know her as she is a CAM board member!

I received in the mail today an adorable little sewing manual “Woodlands: small toys to sew, vol. 2” by Tersa Levy. Teresa a Rhode Island based artist also has a fun blog Sewing Stars

And have you seen the make-along-story over at wee wonderfuls.What a great school holiday activity. Here is th “make along” showing photos of the project.

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Wooden Hoops and Sewing123 Kits


Materials for the Basic Sewing Kits arrived today. 4″ wooden hoops for needlework (our first class Jan22 is Counted Cross Stitch).

In the same lovely box were the bulk of the goodies for the Basic Sewing Kits. Scissors, needles, thread, pins, markers, seam rippers, pins, pin cushion, ruler, and a few more items.

This Basic Sewing Kit is for each attendee that pays the 1 time materials charge. What’s left? I need to find a boxes to hold it all!

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Storytelling and Printmaking for ages 7 and up

I want to highlight two fun classes that will be begining next week taught by Meagen Grundberg.

(every class will begin with 10 minutes of sketching time based on a weekly topic)

JAN 23 – Introduction to Illustration
After listening to a selected story, students will make 5 pencil drawings
that tell the story without words next, students will add color to add to the mood and detail of their story. Through examination of various picture books and single pictures with strong narratives students will choose a favorite story of theirs to illustrate with 5 pictures.

JAN 30 – Illustration 2 + Collage
Students begin by painting freely while listening to a selected story
next, students will paint an image based on but not described in the story and explore collage as a means of telling a story within a single picture

FEB 6 – Comics
After looking at examples, students will create autobiographical comic strips.Explain and create flip-books

FEB 13 – Finger/Sock Puppets
During this class we will also decide on what story to present in final puppet show.

FEB 20 – Shadow Puppets

FEB 27 – Dioramas using found natural objects

MAR 6 – Papier Mache Puppets

MAR 13 – Finish puppets

MAR 20 – Construct set and props

MAR 27 – Rehearse + present puppet show also produce illustrations/comics related to puppet show story

An Exploration of Print Making (thursdays)

JAN 25 – Vegetable and String Prints

FEB 1 – Stamps and Solar Prints

FEB 8 – Cardboard Stencils

FEB 15 – Styrofoam Prints

FEB 22 – Wax Reduction Prints

MAR 1 – Copper Etching

MAR 8 – Woodblock Prints

MAR 15 – Linocuts

MAR 22 – Silkscreen I

MAR 29 – Silkscreen 2

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