May’s a month of happy sounds,
The hum of buzzing bees,
The chirp of little baby birds
And the song of a gentle breeze.

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Homeschool Coop Sept 2007

We are now taking applications for our homeschooling group that will be beginning in September.

We will meet on Wednesday and Friday mornings 9:30pm until 12pm and then be going on a fieldtrip Fridays 1-4pm

Ages 4-6 years

The cost will be $25 per week (plus field trip entrace fee if applicable- group discount applicable)

This will be an arts and nature based program, waldorf inspired. It will not be academic. There will be stories, folk tales, fairy tales as well as contemporary ones. It will be very seasonally based and we will introduce watercolour painting, beeswax modelling as well as many fiber arts projects.

This is a coop and families are expected to be involved, this is not a drop off group. This group is filling fast so please contact me if you are interested in joining. Priority will be given to families who participated in this years program and CAM members.

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Not A Box

Not A Box

Originally uploaded by HerbalT.

Our latest favorite book “Not a Box” by Antoinette Portis. It is a simply great imagination enhancing book for all ages.

Other similar books we enjoy regularly are

Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Leoni. This is a simple book that captivates young children.

The Dot by Peter Reynolds

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April Concert “”Radio Free Earth”

Sunday April 29th 3pm “Radio Free Earth” will perform at CAM

Radio Free Earth plays crossover music — which makes old music new again, and treats your ears to songs you never heard or thought you’d never hear again. For their children’s show, Josh and Kim Wachtel of Radio Free Earth will serve up a wonderful range of acoustic music that’s fun and funny, thought-provoking and transcendent, which children and adults can enjoy together.

As always ticket are available at the door $10 per family
Bake sale…..please bring healthy snacks to donate

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Uncle Rock to Perform at the Children’s Art Museum

Hilltown Families & Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child present
Uncle Rock at the Children’s Art Museum in Shelburne Falls, MA.

Event: Family Concert
Date: Saturday, July 28th, 2007
Time: 10:00 a.m. – Noon
Where: Children’s Art Museum in Shelburne Falls, MA
Cost: $6.00 per person. General admission.
Contacts: Sienna Wildfield of Hilltown Families, 413-296-0096,; Bill Childs, of Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

Kid’s indie musician Uncle Rock will be performing at the Children’s
Art Museum in Shelburne Falls on July 28th, 2007 at 10am. Uncle Rock’s
newest CD, “Uncle Rock Plays Well With Others,” has been proclaimed one
of the best of 2006 by the Los Angeles Times, and described as “The
hippest, most parent-friendly, most intelligent kids’ songs ever,” by
Woodstock Times. Tickets are $6.00 per person.

Hilltown Families & Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child are please to
present such fine talent in an intimate venue. Suitable for the entire
family. Kids will dance, parents will tap their feet, and everyone is
sure to leave humming. To discover more about the artist, presenters
and venue check out the following web sites:



Since the release of his debut “Here We Go!,” Uncle Rock – AKA Robert
Burke Warren – has lost count of the number of parents who have
expressed relief and gratitude that a CD has been created that they can
enjoy WITH their kids. The former globe-trotting bass player (with the
Fleshtones), stage actor (as the lead in the London production of
Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story) and Americana songwriter (with Rosanne
Cash and for Wanda Jackson) stumbled onto his most satisfying creative
endeavor yet as a teacher’s assistant at the rural School Of The New
Moon in Mount Temper, New York, where Uncle Rock was born. Warren, an
erstwhile stay-at-home dad, went to work with guitar in hand, and,
surrounded by preschoolers, found that requests for the darker stuff
were constants my natural bent as a songwriter to go to shadowy areas,
and I was happy to be reminded that most kids have an innate interest
in things like ghosts, wild animals, villains, misadventure and mystery.

Fast forward to the present and you have “Uncle Rock Plays Well With
Others.” Like “Here We Go!,” this CD explores often-overlooked subjects
that fascinate folks young and old: the largely Mexican/Central
American holiday El Dia De Los Muertos (Day Of The Dead) in which
families have a “Picnic In The Graveyard” to celebrate and break bread
with folks who have passed on; the difficulties of progress that can be
described as “The Gettin Big Blues” – I’m talkin baby talk/Pick me up
cause I don’t wanna walk; or the confounding loss of a single sneaker
at the hands of the “Shoe Bandit.” And much of it rocks, with drums,
bass, and instruments ranging from Irish tin whistle to kalimba to a
RevereWare pot.

While this outing uses an actual recording studio in which to capture
the music (as opposed to the portable four-track cassette machine for
“Here We Go!”), the rawness and spontaneity remain, with many more
singers and players gathering around the microphone. From kids belting
out back-ups on “Rock Out!” (Shake my head like the head of a mop! )
and “Rock & Roll Babysitter” (She’s got a tattoo on her back! ) to a
neighbor’s dog barking on “Playin Possum” to a cardboard box being
thwacked on “Magic Carpet Ride,” this is music in the moment, and it
reminds one of how songs can be a way for families to interact,
imaginations firing, legs jigging, heads bobbing. It was how and why
music was invented in the first place to bring everyone into the room
to enjoy the sounds in the air. Together.


“Rock of all ages… a platter that matters.” – New York Post

“Smart, inventive, music that really rocks.” (BEST OF 2006 | POP MUSIC)
– Los Angeles Times

“Kids just wanna rock with Uncle Rock, whose colorful, engaging tales
have made him a hit on the children’s circuit.” – Harp Magazine

“Freewheelin’ fun!” –

“This is the album you imagine your former-rocker husband would love to
make for your own kids–if only you had let him buy that Stratocaster
last year instead of replacing the washer and dryer.” – Cool Mom Picks

“Music that rocks both kids and adults is a brilliant concept and one
done extremely well here.” – Kingston Daily Freeman

“Roots rocking family fun.” – Chronogram Magazine

“The hippest, most parent-friendly, most intelligent kids’ songs ever.”
– Woodstock Times

“Thankfully adult-friendly tunes sure to become a staple in your
household.” – Hudson Valley Parent

“It’s giddiness and warmth packaged into fourteen well-written songs.
It’s a family connection.” –

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lovely, lovely eggs


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April by Anon.

When April was asked whether
She could bring reliable weather,
She laughed till she cried
And said, “I have tried,
But things will get so mixed up together.”

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Spring Tea Party!

Here is a reprint of an article I received by email…..I just loved it…..

Dear Teachers,

Every spring this is my favorite class activity! I wanted to share it with you because “my kids” enjoy it so much…

When I was a child I used to think bunnies and flowers and eggs were all about Easter. Then I moved to the Middle East. In Egypt, every year, Christians and Muslims celebrate spring together using the themes of flowers, bunnies and eggs! In Iran, the New Year falls on the first day of spring every year and is a national holiday. They celebrate by creating nature tables of springtime items such as wheat grassgrown in little pots, goldfish swimming in small bowls, shiny coins, colored eggs and flowers. Two years ago I visited Iran during No-Ruz (the new year) and was amazed at the variety of nature tables I saw at all the hotels, restaurants and homes! Now, when I plan my April crafts I don’t limit the bunnies, flowers and eggs to Easter Sunday but I celebrate all month with these spring crafts – you might even find me
dying eggs in May! One of my favorite crafts is called “The Spring Tea Party”.

The general idea of the craft is that the children all get to make their
own herbal tea and THEN dye some eggs with that same tea! You can make
this a little silly if you want by making invitations for the eggs and
inviting them to the tea party. Or you can make this event completely
sacred and solemn. It is your choice what to do with the event. However,
here is the basic formula:

Spring Tea Party

Supplies Needed:

Rosehips tea (Pink Dye)
Blackberry tea (Purple Dye)
Cinnamon Tea (Orange/Brownish Dye)
Chamomile Tea (Green Dye)
Lavender Flower Tea (Blue Dye)
Turmeric Spice Tea (Yellow Dye)

SEE-THROUGH Tea Pots or Glass Jars or French Coffee Press

Boiled Eggs

Tea Strainer


1. Boil a pot of water

2. You will need a spoon of herb for each cup of water you put in the
pots, jars or coffee press so calculate how many spoons of herbs you
will be putting into the pots and divide this by the children you are
working with so each child can spoon the same amount of herbs into the

3. Teacher or parent should then pour the boiling water over the herbs
and let steep for ten minutes.

4. At this point the children can pour some tea to drink. Use small cups
so that they may “taste” a little of each one. Have sugar, honey and
milk available for them to add to the tea if they like. Depending on
which container you use you may need to strain the tea through a
strainer to pour it out and the children may need some help. But
don’t strain the tea and THEN serve it because we are going to leave
the herbs in the “pot” for the dying later!

5. After the tea-tasting party is over you can add boiling water to the
herbs in the pots again if there is not enough water left in them. The
pots should be at least ? full. You can also add more herbs for a
deeper dye.

6. Have the children drop the eggs into the tea pots – one at a time.
This usually results in giggles. Leave the eggs over-night. In the
morning you will have colored eggs! You do not need to use vinegar.

7. The next morning show the kids what happens when the eggs “drink the
tea” too!


Kristie Karima Burns, Mh, ND

Kristie Burns is an naturopath, herbalist and iridologist who lives in
Des Moines, Iowa. She offers herbal and natural healing classes online
and in your home or business (for small groups) as well as online
Waldorf lesson plans and summer school ideas. She also does online and
office consultations & iridology readings and runs a discount Waldorf &
natural living supplies Ebay store.

You can visit her website at:

You may re-print this article for distribution as long as you keep the entire article intact, including the information about how to contact me. Thank you!

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Sewing 1-2-3 Vests

Sewing 1-2-3 Vests

Originally uploaded by zannestar.

Back in February (oh! I know it’s been a while, things have been very very busy! I have tons to catch you up on, one post at a time), we made our own vests! I knew that everyone liked green and blue, so I found some really wonderful fleece, a solid green, a solid blue and a “dip dyed” blue/green fleece. I made a quick pattern based on each individual measurements and they cut the pieces out! Using a needle and thread, they stitched the side seams and shoulder seams together. The gang was really creative with their panels, and each used a different color for each piece.

sew123vests - 1

sew123vests - 7

sew123vests - 4

sew123vests - 3

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Eggs Galore!

Saturday April 7th from 10-12pm

Join us for a morning of Springtime fun. A story plus egg decoration, egg dying, card making, paper garlands and more….. (Easy Spring time crafts using common supplies in an Artful way)

All ages welcome

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