Week 24, Day 47: March 24, 2009

Spring is here, albeit brief reminders that we live in New England, and the sun and warmth are still very sporadic! In the morning, we still have fire in the wood stove, but by afternoon, we are outdoors for 30 minutes or so, playing among the rocks, forsythia huts, the fairy (fire) circle, and the beech grove.

We are using our number lines in math to solve number sentences in addition and subtraction. Friends work in pairs to solve problems, check their work, and make progress. We are working on focus—being able to sit for 20 to 30 minutes and work on various tasks, and not be distracted by other friends and their words/work. It is a challenge, but needs to be learned!

We have started our story about Japan that we will perform for Ruth on Friday, April 3rd, at our next visit. (It is a collective story that friends each contribute to, and it incorporates some of the aspects of Japan we have learned.) Today we also began assembly of our Emperor and Empress puppets (I suspect some of them will be villagers for the puppet show, as not everyone can be the BIG cheeses!), adding color to their faces, and collars so they can be attached to their kimonos.


We have been singing and signing together each day. Ask your friends about the songs, “Heart of the World,” “Valley of Vegetables,” and “My Teacher’s got a Skunk on her Head.” (The first is by Sarah Pirtle, the latter two by Laurie Berkner.) We are getting ready for a show/concert at Elmer’s on Saturday, May 30th. (Mark your calendars and invite your friends and relatives!)

Our reading of Gaia Girls by Lee Welles continues. Friends are learning about the factory farming of pigs, its impact on the environment, and how the earth is the recipient of all of our collective blunders. The story has some very poetic and magical aspects (The main character, Elizabeth, can travel through the root systems of trees, has been transported to a fairy circle filled with concentric circles of violets and buttercups, and converses with Gaia, who has transformed herself into a talking otter.), and friends are learning to listen to the song of the trees and the babbling snow runoff.


April is National Poetry Month, and we’ll be playing more rhyming games with small words, and working on our Peace Travelers Alphabet Book.

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