Cutting Up the Sky

June 24-Cutting Up the Sky with Local Children’s Artist


Come explore the depth and beauty of the night sky through the medium of collage. Basic shapes will used as building blocks to construct rockets, stars, moons, planets,and every thing else thats needed to create a compelling portrayal of outer space. We will make use of numerous materials including papers, felt, glitter, fabric, and other household objects . Bring your imagination when you come join the fun!

10AM-11AM Collage Workshop with Local Children’s Artist Mischa Epstein Alvarado

(Ages 3-6) Drop in rate $15
A morning of collage fun, focusing on what’s up in the sky. Art created will be hung with artist’s work for evening opening.

2PM-3:30PM Collage Workshop with Local Children’s Artist Mischa Epstein Alvarado

(Ages 7-11) Drop in rate $18

A morning of collage fun, focusing on what’s up in the sky. Art created will be hung with artist’s work for evening opening.

June 24 – Cutting Up the Sky Art Opening 4:30PM

Everyone Welcome! Meet the artist! Mischa Epstein Alvarado is a collage artist . She has been a visual and performing artist most of her life. Over time she has developed a distinctive personal style. Her images combine childlike imagination and fantastictical compositions into a compelling visual style for children of all ages.

Mischa Epstein Alvarado

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Submit your Art: Self Portraits

From June 1st to June 21 we will be having a children’s art show “Self Portraits”. To have your child/rens art included please encourage them to draw/paint/collage a self portrait ( a picture on themself!!)

Once this is done bring it to CAM before May 30. Art work must be framed (or at least matted to be included). You may pick up your work any time after June 20th.

It has been great seeing the images so far…this is sure to be a GREAT show! They can also submit a small photo if they like as well as a sort bio about the author!

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Birds of a Feather: The Art of Eric Carle and Leo Lionni

Coming up later this month at the Eric Carle Museum

Keep your eyes on this site for field trip information

Birds of a Feather: The Art of Eric Carle and Leo Lionni
May 11 – December 9, 2007

When Eric Carle returned to America in 1952, a meeting with Leo Lionni resulted in a friendship and a job lead. The rest, as they say, is history. Neither Eric Carle nor Leo Lionni ever imagined they later would create some of the most memorable picture books of our time. The similarities between these two artists are quite striking: their pictures are filled with animals and nature; they drew inspiration from their childhood experiences; and their early careers in graphic design can be seen in their bold simplicity and elegant sense of design.

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Art Exchange with Mutuanyu China

Here are some ideas of projects that can be submitted for the Art Exchange….

– Make a map of your hometown (markers, pencils, collage)
– Draw a picture of your town
– Draw a picture of your favorite tree in each of the 4 seasons
– Draw/paint a self portrait
– Draw/Paint a picture of your family
– Draw/Paint / collage a picture of your home
– Make a picture of your favorite thing to do in each season
– Make a picture of how you get around your town
– Make a collage of the bridge of flowers
– Make a collage of your favorite meal
– Draw a picture of what the sky is like at night
– Draw the Deerfield river
– Draw a picture of your favorite toy.

Make all of the above and bind them into a book about your life. You can make a copy of it for you before we pack it up and send it to China

The museum will be open Saturday morning March 24th from 10-12pm to help you with these projects or to work on paper dolls.

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Children’s Art Exchange w/Mutianyu China

Did you know that the town of Shelburne Falls has a sister village in China, Mutianyu? At the Childrens Art Museum in March the monthly theme is “Our Friends Around the World. We will be coordinating an art exchange with the children of Mutianyu where the artwork will be on permanent display at the schoolhouse there. Mutianyu welcomes approximately 1.6 million visitors a year as tourists pass through the village to visit the Great Wall.

Please submit your artwork by March 21st. We especially welcome artwork that shows aspects of life in the Hilltowns. It will be on display at the Children’s Art Museum until it makes its way across to China.

If you would like to read a little more about China here is a starting point…

Colors of China (Colors of the World) (Paperback)
by Shannon Zemlicka (Author), Janice Lee Porter

China ABCs: A Book About the People and Places of China
by Holly Schroeder (Author), Jeff Yesh (Illustrator)

Moonbeams, Dumplings & Dragon Boats: A Treasury of Chinese Holiday Tales, Activities & Recipes by Nina Simonds (Author), Leslie Swartz (Author), Boston The Children’s Museum (Author), Meilo So (Illustrator)

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Pirate Art

Don’t forget to submit your pirate art work…….the show opens on February 25th

For ideas try:

Kids Craft Weekly Issue 4

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