Want to be part of the craft fair and do not know what to make here are some ideas…..


Everyone needs wrapping paper, cards, gift tags and boxes for the holidays! All you need to get started is newsprint, cardstock paper, used magazines, small boxes, paint, crayons, rubber stamps, and embellishments in holiday colors. Then gather the kids and let them go to town!

These can be decorated and embellished several ways:

Wet on Wet Watercolor
Wax Crayon Resist (First example; Second example)
Stamping using foam stamps or rubber stamps or even creating/carving your own

Try making sets. A set of 6 matching holiday cards and envelopes. Or make an embellished set that includes an envelope, card and wrapping paper. Take the opportunity to talk about patterns and repetition, technique and style.

Here are some links to inspire:

Creative ways to re-use old cards
Bird Beak Pop-up Card
Puzzle cards
Kids Craft Weekly Cards Issue

For a more advanced projects try making paper. Here are some links to get you started:

Make Your Own Paper, with Crafty Daisies and Mainly Zaz
Check out this Making Paper Tutorial
And this Making Paper Pictorial

Coasters : These can be made painting ceramic tiles. Cheap tiles can be purchased at home depot. I recommend sticking felt underneath them to protect furnature from being scratched. Another fun coater making method is decoupaging a tile with you favorite image. Remember to coat well with “modgepodge” to waterproof. Coasters can also be made with fabric, cardboard or cork……the opportunites endlesss. Try matching a coaster with a teapot cozy? or placemat?

Another open ended simple gift is making Photo Frames. Again try decoupage you can use old photos, newspaper /magazine clippings, used postage stamps, special finds from your nature walks, kids art etc

For a fun project try “Tomato Can Stilts” click here for a tutorial

Here are a few more ideas with tutorials for older children:

A crayon roll tutorial (for the older child) You could also try a pencil roll or marker roll, or a knitting needle/crochet hook roll, or a needle holder book.

Felted notebook covers

Please do not forget to let us know that you would like to be part of this kids craft show. For APPLICATIONS please email me at and I will email you all the pertinent info. Thanks.

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A world of LEGO

Later this Spring are beginning a LARGE Lego installation project……..that should take us into the summer. BUT first we need you help. We need Lego. Lego bricks….any colour, any shapes…..but they must be standard Lego (not duplo or quatro etc)

Do you know anyone that has a bucket that they are not using? Have you still got a set from childhood? Did you see a large basketful at the Salvation Army for a dollar or two? or at the local free shop? please think about a donation to CAM. If you are members of any lists that could help us collect a huge stack please post this request……

All lego can be dropped off at CAM or arrangements can be made with me

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Wooden Hoops and Sewing123 Kits


Materials for the Basic Sewing Kits arrived today. 4″ wooden hoops for needlework (our first class Jan22 is Counted Cross Stitch).

In the same lovely box were the bulk of the goodies for the Basic Sewing Kits. Scissors, needles, thread, pins, markers, seam rippers, pins, pin cushion, ruler, and a few more items.

This Basic Sewing Kit is for each attendee that pays the 1 time materials charge. What’s left? I need to find a boxes to hold it all!

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