Twirl! Twirl! Twirl! – Let’s Make a Twirly Skirt

LuckyStitches and The Children’s Art Museum present:

Twirl! Twirl! Twirl! – Let’s Make a Twirly Skirt

Twirly Skirt

All Girls (and boys too…) need to twirl. Sew a Twirly Skirt with or for the kiddo in your life.

What exactly is a Twirly Skirt?
It’s a wonderful piece of clothing that sits on your waist, and when you spin around fast – the skirt twirls out and high!

Monday, June 18
The Children’s Art Museum, Shelburne Falls
$50 per person/pair (children insterested in sewing are welcome to sew with you)
Registration is required.Call Tony(a) Lemos (413) 625-6826

Instructor: Zanne Blair – LuckyStitches (

Class Size – 5 (hurry! class is filling up. If you miss this one, get your name on the waiting list for the next class a few weeks later)

Materials Needed:
• Your Sewing Machine
Your Sewing Kit
• Fabric for the skirt:
◦ Please, wash, dry and press your fabric before class. This will prevent shrinkage.
◦ You will need 2 pieces (1 front and 1 back) of these items (providing you want contrast for these items, or they can all be from the same fabric)
▪ waistband (waist measurment + 4″ x 4″)
▪ body of skirt (double the waist measurement +4″ x desired length of skirt)
▪ bottom of skirt ( doubel the waist measurement +4″ x 8″)
◦ You will need approx 1.5 -2 yards of fabric depending on waist measurement and length.
• Thread

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Sewing with Your Kids

One Hour Craft has great tutorials on teaching your child to sew with a sewing machine. Here is the first lesson and the second lesson was just posted. And here is lesson 3 How to Sew a Bag.

I learned to sew at a young age and found it something I have relied on continuously. It’s a wonderful skill to teach at a young age, it promotes a great feeling of accomplishment, teaches a ton of math (I didn’t figure that out until I got to college and studied patternmaking), and opens the door to a whole new set of creative skills. There are lots of resources for helping your kids learn to sew, there are even classes you can take together so you can learn side by side. Not only are the skills learned invaluable, the memories are priceless.

The workshops planned for Sewing 1-2-3 don’t use a sewing machine, we will be creating all sorts of different stitches with hand needle and thread. We’ll measure and make patterns. We’ll cut fabric and sew marvelous creations. We’ll keep track of it here.

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